Love That Matters Most

Right before the divorce was final with my husband , Valentine's Day came around and I went out with a few of my lady friends. Although I was having a great time, I felt weird being not having a man to share it with. I ended up in tears. It brought many memories of the times we shared together. I then let this one day turn into weeks of depression. In order to feel some sort of satisfaction, I would go out with my female friends or went out on a date

One night after "hanging out", I cried asking God to love me. Do you believe that? I asked God to love me! He quickly answered in my spirit " Why did you think I ever stopped?" My need for intimacy sadly surpassed what I already knew about my first love. I realized at that moment; no matter how my relationship status was, God IS Love. He will fulfill those empty spaces in your heart. This does not only go for marital relationships. If you have lost a mother, father, best friend, sibling or someone that you are close to... GOD IS LOVE.

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