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Tony Evans Invites Everyone To Experience The Wonders of The Holy Land

Journey With Jesus

Many people have been to the Holy Land and decided to do a documentary. What inspired you to share your experience? What inspired you to share the experience with your family?

Pastor Evans: The concept of doing the film, Journey With Jesus, really came out of the fact that I wanted people who had never been to Israel to experience what I have experienced and others with me have experienced by going. Just as I preach The Word to people to try to bring them into spiritual biblical reality, this was a way to bring a visual to people so that they can see what I saw, feel what I felt, and join me in touring this wonderful centerpiece of scripture and centerpiece of God’s plan.

This was a very special experience as a family, to be able to gather a number of my children with me and to be able to share the experience. You can experience things by yourself, but when you can experience things in community with people you love and people who love you, it takes it and amps it up to a whole other level. So being able to have my kids with me, serving with me, talking with me, ministering with me, made it a family experience and that took it to another level.

How did it feel to walk on the grounds we read about in the Bible?

Pastor Evans: Being able to see where Jesus’ feet touched the earth, that He was a man, He got thirsty, He got hungry, He got tired, He had to sleep, we can identify with His humanity, while at the same time worshipping His deity. To see the earthiness of Jesus Christ having become a man, means that we can relate to Him not ethereally, but tangibly and physically. So out of that knowledge that Jesus Christ walked the earth, and He walked this area of the earth, means that I can walk with Him, beside Him, learn from Him, human to human, person to person, while recognizing and acknowledging His deity and divinity.

Will this experience change the way you now read the Bible?

Pastor Evans: The Bible is a book, it’s the “graphé.” It's the writings, the content of the writings, the “logos,” the truth, that is deposited in that book. But another Greek word is “rhema.” The “rhema” word is where The Word hits you directly. It's not the general word for everybody. It’s the specific word for you. If you want the “rhema” word, if you want the Bible to come up off the page and jump into your head and ignite your fire - to go and to see and to experience Israel is to get a “rhema” experience where the Bible takes on new life, new meaning, new potency, in your own growth and spiritual experience.

Why do you feel some people still do not believe in Christ, even though there is so much evidence of His existence?

Priscilla Shirer: My hope for anybody who sees Journey with Jesus is that they will actually take a spiritual journey with Jesus. That they'll grow in their relationship to Him. Not just their knowledge of Him, but their appreciation for, their gratitude for, His choosing to come and walk among us, to make Himself known to us - The Word becoming flesh. And then, for those who may view it who do not have a relationship with Jesus, maybe because they've had a little trouble believing that Jesus is who He said He is - or that He ever existed at all, the opportunity to see this film will actually give them a moment to pause and to reconsider this Jesus. That He does indeed change lives, not just then, but He still does it right now.

How has the Favor of God impacted your life in the last year?

Priscilla Shirer: To have an opportunity to participate in this project with my family is incredibly moving and meaningful to me. Not only because being there in Israel with my dad and my mom and my siblings was in and of itself an experience that I will never ever forget in all of my life, but being able to now have it captured on film- it gives my children, and my children's children, and my children's children's children an opportunity to experience Israel. Hopefully they'll be able to go on their own at some point, but if they never do, they'll be able to experience it through the eyes of their mother. I hope that they will know how much the Lord means to me and that my goal, my desire, is to pass that love on to my sons, and then to my posterity for generations to come.

Interviewed by: Shenee' Woodson

Experience The Holy Land With Dr. Tony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst and Priscilla Shirer in New 3-Night Only Fathom Event

“Standing at the Sea of Galilee reminded me of the beauty and the grandeur of the fact that the Word became flesh,” said Shirer. “‘Journey with Jesus’ will have a powerful impact because the story of Jesus will come alive with fresh relevance and meaning, enriching hearts and renewing faith.”

Bringing the Bible to life on screen, “Journey with Jesus” was filmed on location in Israel and shares a captivating walking tour of the historical places of Jesus’ ministry, detailing the moments that defined His life from birth to resurrection. Evans, Hurst and Shirer lead the tour with personal insights while giving powerful lessons and biblical context for each location.

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