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Former NFL Linebacker, Team Chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys, and son of Dr. Tony Evans, JONATHAN EVAN

As the son of international speaker, pastor and bestselling author Dr. Tony Evans, Jonathan Evans has seen firsthand the spiritual warfare that occurs in this world to God’s people through his ministry work with his father. Evans has combined his in-depth seminary education, first-hand experiences, and his own personal battles in his new book Fighting Your Battles: Every Christian’s Playbook for Victory over Life’s Challenges (Harvest House, 09/06/22).

“The devil will try everything he can from his playbook to defeat us,” says Jonathan Evans, author, speaker, pastor and professional sports chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and Dallas Mavericks (NBA). After suffering through seasons many have also walked through before, Evans studied battles fought long ago to strategize and create a playbook for winning battles today. He continues, “but when we are trained in the truth, God’s warriors—men and women alike—can carry it with them like a banner and a shield wherever the Lord calls them. And with the Lord, we win.”

Within these pages, Evans—one of Christianity’s most dynamic, emerging voices—revisits some of the Bible’s “battlegrounds” and “testing grounds,” the situations and places where the faith of God’s people was severely tested. As Evans digs deep into the internal battles those believers fought, he helps readers understand and prepare to conquer the challenges and challengers that will come their way. This is important, he says, because in the middle of a storm…a wilderness…a pit…a bitter conflict, even seasoned warriors sometimes lose sight of the reality that really changes the game: “the reality that if the Lord is with you, nothing and no one can defeat you.”

Fighting Your Battles is for anyone questioning:

  • why God calls us to the fight in the first place

  • what God is doing in and for us through our trials and tribulations

  • what to do when, despite our obedience, we are at a breaking point wondering, “Are You with me, God, or not?”

This playbook for victory invites readers to put on God’s armor and fight. Evans helps readers prepare for warfare and provides strategies and tactile methods to overcome the evil surrounding their life, community, and world. Readers will also realize:

  • the connection between great misery and great ministry

  • how to become “battle-ready”

  • the opportunity that exists within the opposition readers may face

  • the differences between fighting one’s own way, the world’s way, or God’s way

  • what it means to make oneself vulnerable to God’s Word

Fighting Your Battles isn’t another “keep the faith” mantra book with surface level encouragement. Evans’ book opens the door into his own very personal struggles and how he processed grief, anger, hopelessness, and fear in each battle he’s faced. Evans is in the trenches with readers, not sitting in a golden victory chair. Battles are fought daily and Evans uses real-life examples, familiar and lesser-known Bible stories, his academic seminary knowledge, and humor to walk readers through preparing for every stage of battle–preparation, action, recovery, victory.

Fighting Your Battles raises several themes (battles) relevant to today’s society, including:

  • Illness – Jonathan Evans shares the journey of his late mother’s cancer diagnosis and unyielding faith to the very end. Millions have gone up against cancer, chronic illnesses, rare diseases, viruses, and more. At first, these attacks on our bodies seem impossible and unfair. Evans shares how God can grow your faith when the body is weak.

  • Injury – A torn Achilles tendon ended Evans’ NFL career. Not only the physical pain from his injury but the uncertainty around his next career led Evans into a battle that crossed many facets of his life. As the next football season begins, we look to players as heroes who could never fall. But many do due to injury. Evans says that it’s how they rise again that matters most.

  • Miscarriage (October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month) – Jonathan and his wife, Kanika walked through four miscarriages before having their first earthside child. Miscarriage is a prominent and incredible battle faced by hundreds of thousands of people today. October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month and Evans is prepared to talk about how he and his wife are part of the statistic of loss before finally growing their family.

  • Death – The Evans family lost eight close family members consecutively in the span of two years. The finality of death for those remaining is a battle Jonathan fought through many times.

  • Success – After suffering, there is a light. Things turn a corner, the battle is won, and greatness comes our way. This sweet spot of success never means evil isn’t lurking. The devil uses success as a mechanism to turn us away from the One who gives us all good things. Evans discusses how

his success made him vulnerable to unexpected battles.

  • Professional Sports – For Jonathan Evans football is a core element of his life. Playing football as a linebacker in the NFL, after having started at Baylor University, shaped Evans as a person and has impacted him physically, mentally, and spiritually. Evans currently serves as the chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys (NFL) and Dallas Mavericks (NBA) where he helps every player walk through their own personal battles and aid in strategies to working through battles together as a team. The book is a winning playbook that covers several sports analogies and stories that will help readers work through their own battles.

About Jonathan Evans: A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in Christian Leadership, Jonathan Evans is a mentor, author, speaker and former NFL fullback who serves as the chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys and co-chaplain of the Dallas Mavericks. As part of his commitment to developing the next generation of devoted Christian leaders, he travels the country speaking at churches, conferences, men’s events, banquets and student-athlete events. Follow Jonathan and learn more about his journey on Facebook @JonathanBlakeEvans, Twitter @EvansLegacy and Instagram @JonathanBlakeEvans.

Jonathan also serves with his pastor, friend and father, Dr. Tony Evans, both in the local church and the national ministry. Together, the two of them have written Get in the Game, and in 2021 he released his first stand-alone book, The Time Is Now. Jonathan’s newest book is Fighting Your Battles: Every Christian’s Playbook for Victory over Life’s Challenges.

He and his wife, Kanika, are the proud parents of five children. The family resides in Dallas, Texas.

Harvest House Publishers, a Christian publishing company based in Eugene, Oregon, publishes more than 100 books per year and carries a strong backlist offering more than 1,500 titles. Over 145 million Harvest House books have been sold worldwide through diverse distribution channels, and additional millions have sold in more than 75 languages.

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