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Based on the author’s life experiences, The Miniseries of Me is a poignant collection of short stories that deal with some of life’s most difficult circumstances. Ranging from child molestation and rape to divorce and adultery, the topics covered in this collection are emotion-provoking and sadly common.

Each story has a spiritual tone and encourages readers to take a look at the type of person they are as well as take in all the wonders life has to offer. The Miniseries of Me brings to life a variety of characters; readers are sure to relate to one or more of them (or know someone who could).

Beneath the collection’s words is the truth of humanity’s ultimate goal of serving God. With each story’s conclusion, the message becomes clear: God is Love, and everything we go through is a test or a step to success in His vision.


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"The Miniseries of Me” gives readers insight into the dynamics of all types of relationships.  Since relationships affect all of us, Shenee’s stories are a “must read”.  

~ Pamela Reaves (Life Coach,  Author,  Entrepreneur)

"This book causes us to take stock in ourselves, in family, in friends, in new relationships; not only the good but also the bad! Including the evil effects of psychological, sexual, and physical abuse". 

~Richard Wessenberg (Author, Speaker)

The Miniseries of Me is an excellent thought provoking book that deals with taboo topics that were never discussed at my dinner table but it did not mean it didn't need to be spoken. This book reminded me of some of the poor choices that I made before and after Christ yet God's love is what brought me through. It talks about the importance of forgiveness and how a daughter's relationship with her father or lack there of effects how she engages with men. This book addresses several real issues of life. Read this book and know that past issues need to be dealt with and not swept underneath the rug hoping things will change. It lets you know that although you are saved, there are still consequences for our actions good and bad.Lastly, I recommend this book shares even in our most vulnerable moments we can be redeemed by the hand of God. Shenee exposes glimpes herself in such a creative way throughout each chracter that we all could relate in some form." Congratulations.

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